NH Bath Builders offers many flooring options.  The Bottomline Bathroom Package includes DuraCeramic Flooring.  The First Class Bathroom includes Ceramic Tile Floor which includes a $400 allowance for tile.  You can add flooring to packages that do not include flooring for an additional cost.  Contact us for more information.

DuraCeramic Info:

  • DuraCeramic contains Scotchgard Protector which repels dirt and mess for easy cleaning and stain release
  • Warm and comfortable underfoot
  • Finished product proudly Made in the USA
  • Can be installed on a variety of subfloors and is a fast and easy installation.
  • Can be grouted or to not be grouted.
  • Contributes to good indoor air quality as certified by Floor Score
  • Silver particles provide natural antibacterial protection
  • Has been ranked the number one choice in hard surface flooring by a leading consumer rating magazine for 5-years.

DuraCeramic Flooring Options (Included in Bottomline Bathroom Package):

12″ x 24″ Options:


Stone Ledges:

Tidal Basin:


Prairie Wood:


Walnut Grove:



16″ x 16″ Options:






Roman Elegance:


Clean Slate:




Sierra Slate:

Village Slate:

Pacific Marble:

Some DuraCeramic Flooring Suggestions:

Here are few choices that were selected to specifically go with the 3 Granite Vanity tops that are included in the Bottomline Bathroom Package (Burlywood, Meteroite, or Wheat).  In each photo the Granite Vanity top sample is the small granite square near the middle of the photo.  There are several more DuraCeramic flooring choices that are also available for the same package price (See “DuraCeramic Flooring Options” above).


Flooring Photo #1: Burlywood Flooring Options starting at the top is; DuraCeramic Dimensions Reaction Echo 12×24 DRE01, and DuraCeramic Chateau Gray 16″ x1 6″ RE30

Flooring Photo #2:  Wheat Flooring Options starting at the top is; Duraceramic Village Slate Tiger Eye 16″ x 16″ VS46, Duraceramic Earthpath Sandy Clay 16″ x1 6″ EP41

Flooring Photo #3:  Meteorite Flooring Options starting at the left is;  DuraCeramic Pacific Marble 16″ x 16″ Midnight Elegance PC74, DuraCeramic Clean Slate 16″ x 16″ Day’s End CS34, and Duraceramic Pacific Marble Pure White PC11

Layout Options



Grout Colors (Grout is Optional):

Larger DuraCeramic Samples:

Some of Our Flooring Work:

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